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Finally, a (somewhat) fair comparison of Windows Mobile vs. Blackberry

Posted by Program Manager on June 8, 2006

Well, the research is Microsoft hosted and funded, so of course it is somewhat biased, but it is not a rediculous endorsement of Windows Mobile.What I'm really hoping for is that the Motorola Q (Link) will help bring Windows Mobile to the general mindset as a real competitor to Blackberry.

Personally, I've used three different smartphone platforms, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian (Nokia, Sony Ericsson), and my personal preference is the Windows Mobile platform. The reasons for me are fairly straightfoward: Multi-tasking, familiar Windows interface, easy synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, 0 incremental cost for my IT organization to support real time device mail push, and the ability to develop my own applications. Yes, I know I could develop for Symbian or Blackberry, but I am skilled and comfortable with the Microsoft dev platform, and it is virtually no effort to write for the WM platform.


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